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A Big Week for Restaurant Openings: Roux, Juice Box, an Opening Date for Liam's, More

Kari Brunson and Brandon Myette of Juice Box, now open on Capitol Hill

Several restaurants we've been eagerly anticipating are opening just in the nick of time for the big holiday eating-out season. Read more »

Room With a View: A Sneak Peek at Aragona, Opening Very Soon

The sunset view from the dining room at Aragona, opening soon

As I impatiently await the opening of Aragona, the Spanish restaurant from design-obsessed chef and owner Jason Stratton (Artusi, Spinasse), Stratton kindly sent over several pictures he took of the food and the space. Not to mention the westward view (above), which isn't too shabby, either. Here, a peek at what's on the menu, and a taste of how the place will look and feel.

  Read more »

Hello, Cookies! A First Taste of Hello Robin's Cookies

Hello Robin's cookies, from left: Habanero orange chocolate chip, chocolate mint, and chocolate brownie

I'm back with another entry in the Tough Life journal.

This time, I, along with the other editors of Seattle magazine, was treated to several dozen still-warm, just-baked cookies from Robin Wehl, who's opening her first cookie shop, Hello Robin, in early December on Capitol Hill's 19th Avenue. Read more »

Seattle's Best New Restaurants 2013: A Few Surprises, Plus Breakout Food Stars

The communal table at Joule on a much sunnier afternoon

Our Best New Restaurants 2013 feature is hitting newsstands now (look for Mackelmore on the cover!) and while I'm excited--I love the challenge of putting the top 11 in order, and this year I snuck one last restaurant in there at the last minute (can you guess which it is?)-- I'll admit to a touch of trepidation. Read more »

On Capitol Hill, 19th is the New 12th

Tallulah's will have a similar feel to Oddfellows, pictured here

As the bridge-and-tunnelification of the Pike-Pine corridor steadily pushes residents of the Hill out of the area, especially on weekend nights, businesses are branching out into other corners of the hill. We watched the wave hit the crest of the hill three years ago, leaving the Melrose Market in its ebb. Then 12th was conquered (Ba Bar, Presse & Stumptown, Von Trapp's).

Now everyone's got 19th in their sights. In the next few months, two new restaurants will open, one will expand, and a grocery will move in. Read more »