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Food News: Sidewalk Seating, Nanobrew Breakfasts, More

Epic Ales' Cody Morris

So much news to get to this week! Read more »


Eat Yourself Silly this Sunday at the 12th Avenue Festival

Boom Noodle's Ahi Tuna Tacos

Today I accidentally referred to the 12th Avenue Festival as the 12th Avenue Food Festival in conversation. Same difference, if you ask me. There's so, so much good to eat on that street.

This Sunday, from noon until 6pm, 12th Avenue between Madison and Pike Streets will shut down so that hungry folks like you and I can eat ourselves silly. Read more »

Food News: Phinney on Fire!

Look out, Ballard: Phinney Ridge is giving you a run for your money! At least when it comes to new restaurants. A year ago it was all Ballard all the time (Walrus, Staple), but this summer it's all about the Ridge.

I mean that literally: The Ridge Restaurant, from the owners of Prost! and Nickerson Street Saloon, will be supremely kid-friendly, from the pizza and sandwich menu to the large tables and shuffleboard table in back. The opening is set for early September, and they’ll serve both lunch and dinner.
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Wood-Fired, Whole Beast "Grill Shack" Dinners at Revel

Revel introduces "whole beast" dinners this summer

Summer nights call for sitting outside, smoke from a wood-fired grill in the air, a glass of rosé sweating in the heat at your fingertips. Agree? Then put a revisit to Revel on the summer to-do list. Read more »


Food News: Restaurants on the Verge of Opening

Of course, it wouldn't be the smartest move to open a restaurant on a holiday weekend, but oh-so-many are opening right after this weekend. Read more »