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The Best Restaurants in Seattle at Every Price Point: The Value Issue

Joule's Hawaiian Spot Prawns in Hot Pot with Rice and Egg

Every year I come at the big April Best Restaurants issue from a different, hopefully fresh angle. This year, my inspiration was former New York Times restaurant critic Frank Bruni's farewell piece, at the end of which he argues that there is value at every price level. Read more »


Food Writer Shuffle: Scoop On Eater Seattle's Editor, and the Seattle Weekly' Gets A New Restaurant Critic

There's a lot to be said for an outsider's view of things. Frankly, there's just less baggage. He/she doesn't take sides, doesn't play favorites, doesn't have a history (good or bad), so the opinions are pure. Or purer. When it comes to, oh, I don't know, a food writer from another city's take on restaurants here in Seattle? I think it's refreshing to read what they see, how they taste things. It makes me challenge my own assumptions. Read more »


Modernist Cuisine, and My Conversation with Nathan Myhrvold

The anatomy of lobster

In the fall, as we worked on our February celebration of nerds (see the Nerd Issue), it fell to me to interview Nathan Myhrvold, the man behind Modernist Cuisine, the 2,438 page, six volume tome that aims to be the first, last and every word in between on molecular gastronomy. Only, don't call it that I was warned. Read more »

New Column Alert: Cook's Adventures Debuts This Month!

Langdon Cook

I'm thrilled to announce that Fat of the Land author Langdon Cook is our newest columnist at the magazine.

 Lang, as he's known by friends, is the kind of guy that, when he says he'll be "off the grid," really means it; he's known to disappear down the coast and up to the wilds of British Columbia for weeks at a time on foraging, fishing and mushroom hunting expeditions. Read more »

Awards Season for Chefs and Restaurants Starts Now

It's not just awards season in Hollywood; in the food world, nominees for two presigious food awards were announced this week.

Every year I anticipate seeing who'll be called out among Food & Wine's Top 10 Best New Chefs on the cover of the July issue. The editors almost always nail the list.

This year they've come up with a more brilliant plan: Instead of picking the winners themselves, F&W's editors have selected a list of worthy nominees in 10 regions, and we, the people, get to vote for the nominated chefs.  Read more »