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Where to Watch the Seahawks Game This Sunday

Lauren Mang
Hopefully we'll see plenty of this on Sunday: GB Quarterback Aaron Rodgers getting sacked

We took to Facebook and asked our very loyal readers to share their favorite spots in which to hunker down with fellow fans and watch the Seahawks. There was an overwhelming consensus for The House Sports Pub in Greenwood--big screens! beer specials! And of course the obvious answer: CenturyLink Field. Read more »

Will it Work? Inside Le Petit Cochon's Name and Menu Change

Julien Perry
Clockwise: menu, slider, salmon, charcuterie.

There are a lot of new restaurants in Seattle. An exhausting amount, really. I suppose that’s what happens during a city’s growth spurt. And I suppose what happens next is that only a small handful of them will survive. I see it as a sort of unintentional experiment for potential new restaurants—those who plan to open one will be able to see what works in today’s market without actually having to spend their own money. It’s a little morose, but lots can be learned from others' failures. Read more »

10 Fabulous & Inspiring Outdoor Living Spaces Around Seattle

Lauren Mang
outdoor living styles seattle magazine seattle
A water feature and firepit by Alderwood Landscaping

The serious sun and warm temps have us dreaming of perfect, lounge-worthy outdoor spaces (not to mention we're furiously wrapping up our July issue, which features even more dreamy outdoor living areas). So we called upon our friends over at (read more about the Seattle-based site in our July issue, too!) to scour their project photo archives for some of the most fabulous and inspiring outdoor living spaces. Read more »

Summer Sale at Baby & Company

Baby & Co
Hand embroidered ballet flats from Baby & Company from their excellent Instagram feed @babyandcompany

Just as summer is starting in Seattle, Baby & Company is starting their sale to make room for fall. Starting Wednesday, June 25, save 30 percent off all men's and women's collections.

Restaurant Openings, Closings & More

Julien Perry

Keeping track of restaurant news can be a daunting task. Here's a round-up from the past week to help you manage.

OPENINGS Read more »