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3 Organic Cocktails for Earth Day

A.J. Rathbun
organic cocktails
The Purple Basil Gimlet

April 22 is Earth Day, and while I strongly suggest you do some earth-friendly activities and think about ways to better help out the planet in the following year on that day, I also think it’s a nice idea to raise a cocktail or two in honor of the day – and the earth. When hosting said cocktails, go organic to keep in the spirit of things. Read more »

Radiator Whiskey Debuts...with Pig Head on the Menu

Leslie Kelly
radiator whiskey pike place market bars in seattle
Tyler Palagi and Charlie Garrison, chefs of the new Radiator Whiskey

Gutsy. Very gutsy.

The much-anticipated Radiator Whiskey opens today (April 17) in Pike Place Market and pig head is on the menu. Yup, your dinner has a face. With this bold opening salvo, Radiator Whiskey becomes like no other place in Seattle. Heck, probably no place on the West Coast puts a pig head smack in the middle of the table. Read more »

New Stores Roundup

Tommy Bahama
Living the dream

Exciting news in the region’s retail scene with the announcement of several new shops opening in the next few weeks. Hometown mega-brand Tommy Bahama is celebrating their 20th anniversary by opening a shop at Bellevue Square on April 26 (they’ve already got one at University Village), for all your resort and island lifestyle fashion needs. Read more »

West Seattle Junction's Tax Free Day

Dagney Canvas sneakers from Tretorn ($70) at Edie's

I’m a West Seattle girl and I love my West Seattle shopping. But I realize that many people think West Seattle is too far away or hard to find to warrant a visit. Which is totally not the case, it’s actually quite easy to get to via both I-5 and 99, and the Junction (the crossroads of California Ave. SW and SW Alaska St.) is a direct shot up from the bridge and requires practically no navigation to get to. Plus, there’s ample free parking in conveniently placed lots throughout the neighborhood. Free. Easy. Parking. Read more »

New Store News: Timbuk2

From one hilly city to another: San Fran's Timbuk2 comes to Seattle

The number of bike messengers on the streets of Seattle has dwindled since the heady days of the late 1990s, when ruled the roadways, but our city’s denizens love for the messenger bag has not waned one bit since then. They're just so useful on so many levels. Read more »