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Seattle Restaurants Band Together to Raise Funds for Sandy Victims

Leslie Kelly

It’s impossible to see images of the wreckage from Superstorm Sandy and not feel compelled to try and help.

But how?

How about a trip to NYC? You don’t even have to leave Seattle. Read more »

See Tiny Paper Keepsakes of a Giantess

Patty Grazini paper sculpture
Detail of the seven-foot-tall paper sculpture on display inside Curtis Steiner Gallery in Ballard through the end of December

A visit to Curtis Steiner’s store can be like stepping through the wardrobe, or falling down the rabbit hole, or entering any other parallel universe that is equally alluring, mysterious and beautiful. Steiner populates his Ballard shop with quirky, haunting ephemera for the home; true conversation starters, object d’art, amazing, meticulous, tiny hand-beaded jewelry and antiques. Read more »


Veritables Madison Valley Store Closing Sale

Marie Harris' Veritables has been a treasured resource for the design savvy for 20 years

**Updated: Marie Harris tells me that jewelery, cashmere, throws, Holiday items, Dransfield and Ross pillows are on sale. Everything but art by Jen Ament and the new Tyler Huntzinger show.

In big shopping news, Veritables' Marie Harris has announced that she will be closing her 20 year-old Madison Valley store location, and consolidating her home decor and accessories shop into her Bellevue location at 10220 Main St. in old Bellevue. Read more »


Pagliacci's End-of-the-World Pizza

Leslie Kelly

All set for Doomsday?

It’s coming right up, you know. At least that’s what the latest mailer from Pagliacci says.

Yes, we’ve been hearing about December 21, 2012 as the end of the Mayan calendar for years, and some predict the end of the world as we know it.

But for a restaurant/pizza delivery chain to actually embrace it as a sales and marketing tool?

Pretty darned crazy/brilliant!

This fall/winter newsletter pokes fun at the never-ending string of doomsday predictions. Remember Y2K? What a bust.  Read more »

Cupcake Royale Celebrates Referendum 74 Approval with Free Cake

If, like us, you think the approval of Referendum 74 is something to celebrate, head to the Capitol Hill location of Cupcake Royale (1111 E Pike St.), where owner Jody Hall (featured in our October story about local love stories behind Ref. 74) is giving away (for free!) slices of this amazing, giant rainbow cake shaped like the state of Washington. Read more »