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Cupcake Royale Celebrates Referendum 74 Approval with Free Cake

If, like us, you think the approval of Referendum 74 is something to celebrate, head to the Capitol Hill location of Cupcake Royale (1111 E Pike St.), where owner Jody Hall (featured in our October story about local love stories behind Ref. 74) is giving away (for free!) slices of this amazing, giant rainbow cake shaped like the state of Washington. Read more »



Bon Appetit's (Pretty Spot-on!) Take on a Seattle Food-Lover's Itinerary

Ballard restaurant and oyster bar Walrus and the Carpenter
The Walrus & the Carpenter in Ballard was selected as one of our Best Restaurants in Seattle in 2012

Last year, I took the idea of having three days in Seattle to do nothing but eat, eat and eat some more, and I used that as a guide post for the varied restaurants we included in the Best Restaurants issue.

Our list of the 7 Restaurants that Define Seattle Dining Now wasand to a large extent, still ismy idea of how to taste the best in Seattle dining in one very filling weekend. Read more »


Holiday Gift Shows Start...Now!

Make a parent happy with a cute and functional gift from Luv Chicken at the Queen Anne Artist Trunk Show

The parade of holiday gift shows is starting this weekend and we strongly suggest you join the fun.  There’s no better way to pick up some meaningful gifts for the people on your list, while at the same time directly supporting local artisans.

If you know of, or are participating in, an artisan gift show this November or December, I want to hear about it!  Send me at an email at with all the particulars and I’ll do my best to help get the word out. Read more »



Get a Glimpse of Seattle's New Waterfront

A artistic rendering of new parks and paths planned for Seattle's remodeled waterfront

A 14-foot long, scale model of the design for Seattle's new waterfront will be on display at the downtown central library, starting next week. Stop by to get a clearer sense of the multifaceted improvements planned for both Alaskan Way and the sea wall. The design has not yet undergone environmental review. Construction is currently projected to be completed in 2019.

From the press release: Read more »


Take Shots, See Art in Progress and Other Weekend Musts

Detail of "Ready" by Nikki McClure

Shots. Yes, Shots
Throwing back a shot at the bar is not a connoisseur move. Lately, however, more gourmet shots are appearing on menus. Allison Austin Scheff notes a few in our Best New Restaurants story, among other intriguing dining trends that surfaced this year.

Nordstrom Rack Read more »