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Out of the Darkness: Cocktails to Brighten a Winter’s Eve

A.J. Rathbun
The Black Pearl adds a few lighthearted bubbles to a dark winter's night.

After daylight savings, the chance for an after-work or evening cocktail accompanied by even a wisp of sunshine has vanished (at least here in the Northwest), which—some days—makes a good drink all the more necessary.

I think the perfect drink for this time of year can take two paths. It can either embrace the dark, like the first choice here, or bring its own ray of sunshine like the second. Try both and let me know which you think is best.

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The Look: Do you Have it?

Designers: Evening Magazine is teaming up with local sponsors for a new televised fashion reality show. Are you up for the challenge?

Calling all designers!  King 5's Evening Magazine, with partners Neiman Marcus, 425 Magazine, The Shops at The Bravern, IADT Seattle,, Red Door Spas, TCM Models and David Lawrence, are looking for designer contestants for The Look, a new televised fashion reality show set to air February 18th through 25th, 2013 on channel five. Read more »


Local Hand-crafted Chocolates You Must Try

Leslie Kelly
Theo Chocolate
Inside the Theo + FareStart Mirepoix caramel collection

After that bitter, seemingly endless campaign season, aren’t we all in the mood for something sweet?

At Theo’s, the team has cooked up a super cool collection for the holidays sure to melt the hardest heart. It’s called Mirepoix and it’s a collaboration between Theo’s chocolatiers and students from FareStart, the wildly successful program that provides job training for the homeless. Read more »


What on Earth is Happening at the Frye Art Museum?

A sneak peek at a work in progress at the Frye by zoe | juniper

Mw [Moment Magnitude], a boundary-crossing, description-eluding, interdisciplinary arts summit, of sorts, is taking over the Frye over the next three months. Read more »


Moments from the 2012 Election We Should Remember Forever

The photo that made one of Barack Obama's Tweets the most popular in the history of Twitter.

1. Singing and dancing in the streets as a direct result of seeing change in action.

2. President Obama’s now famous Tweet, and that moment when the entire Obama family initially took the stage. Read more »