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Updated: Election Parties? We'll Drink To That!

Leslie Kelly

No matter how this election turns out, most people are ready to celebrate the end of a bitter, seemingly endless campaign season.

Here are a few places to get your drink on among your fellow civic-minded citizen while votes are tabulated:

The Pink Door’s pouring $1 Obamaramas (that’s the restaurant’s original concoction of fresh grape juice, vodka made in the U.S.ofA., a squeeze of lemon and curaco, starting at 3 p.m. The 104-inch TV will be tuned to live television coverage tracking the races. Read more »

Toast to Victory or Drown Your Sorrows: 5 Election Day Cocktails

A.J. Rathbun
Put a little “Pensiero" (aka "thought," which this drink is named for) into your election day traditions.

No matter what side you’re on during this year’s election, let’s hope we can agree on two things: First, that an election night party just isn’t the same without a good cocktail (that fits both a winning and a losing mood). And second, that the following drinks are better than any other election night cocktails. Because you can’t trust all those other drinks, people. But these drinks? These drinks you can trust. Read more »


Andy Warhol's Flowers, PNB Premieres and Other Weekend Musts

Andy Warhol, "Daisy", ca. 1982. Screen print on Lenox Museum Board, 38 x 38 inches.

Knute Berger at the Space needle
Thursday (11/1) — Seattle magazine editor-at-large Knute Berger is presenting MOHAI’s esteemed Denny Lecture tomorrow night at the Space Needle. The topic du jour? Why, the Space Needle, of course. Learn all about the truly quirkly origins of the Needle, as recounted in Berger’s new book, Space Needle: The Spirit of Seattle, plus, be among the first to hear about new discoveries he’s made since publishing the book. Read more »


Seattle's Best New Restaurants of 2012: Who Made the Cut?

Wiley Frank and PK pause for a bite on some of Little Uncle’s sidewalk seating

What may strike you about the restaurants we included in the November Best New Restaurants issue (on newsstands now) is just how specialized and unique each of the restaurants is. Read more »

Empty your Pockets for White Center Food Bank's Milk Money Drive

The White Center Food Bank provides 1,001,579 pounds of food for 66,682 people each year

As we approach the holiday season—when food is plentiful and the spirit of giving is encouraged—consider enriching a few lives by donating some pocket change to the White Center Food Bank for their first ever "Milk Money" drive. Launched on October 20th, this program will help the food bank purchase milk for over 20,000 local families in need. To play your part, pick up one, thirty or even three hundred “milk bank” containers at the food bank. Read more »