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20 Things Local Bartenders Want You to Know

A.J. Rathbun
Poppy bartender Veronika Groth

Bartenders are so awesome. They serve you drinks, they have stories a-plenty, and they tend to dress snazzily. But what would they tell you about bartending, bars, drinking, and cocktails if they didn’t have to go make four more Ramos Fizzes? Well, now you can find out, as I asked four of our favorite local drink slingers what they’d like the people to know (we’ll take it for granted that one should always tip well and be a decent human being at the bar). Here are their answers. Read more »


Rick Steves Promotes New Approach to Marijuana (Again)

Rick Steves filming Rick Steves in Europe

Edmonds resident and travel guru Rick Steves is wrapping up a statewide lecture tour to promote his (and others') longstanding argument for why Washington State should decriminalize marijuana. Read more »


Cute and Cool Couture for Kids

Got a little fashion bug on your hands? Style her out with something from Oscar de la Renta's Children's Collection

Interested to see how a big name designer like Oscar de la Renta imagines your little mini-me dressed? The Spring/Summer kid’s collection by this spry, active elder statesman of high fashion will be on display during a trunk show at a private home on October 25, 26 and 27. If you’re interested in attending, call 206.399.4649 for more details. 

Sadly, Mr. de la Renta won’t be in attendance, but his spirit of youthfulness sure will be. 



City Arts Fest, Pumpkin Beer and Other Weekend Musts

Seattle band Ravenna Woods plays City Arts Fest this weekend

City Arts Fest
Ongoing (10/17–10/20) — It’s time again for the City Arts Festival, when venues across town collude to bring you a city-wide explosion of music, film, dance, theater and visual art. This year’s extravaganza includes dancers KT Niehoff and Zoe Scofield, local bands Ravenna Woods (shown above), Lemolo and Fresh Espresso, artists Jesse Higman and Susan Robb—and that is just the tippy-top of the iceberg. Read more »


5 Sweet Dates for Your Culinary Calendar: Oct. 20-24

Leslie Kelly
Mt. Townsend's Seastack Cheese

Where are my fave fat pants? My must-chew calendar is cram-packed with loads of tasty events the next few days and I want to be ready for the inevitable “Fall 5.” (As in lbs., followed by the Winter 10 and the get-ready-for-sleeveless spring season –15.) Here are some sweet and savory dates you might want to check out: Read more »