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Fall Family Fun: Corn Mazes and Pumpkin Patches

Wend and wind your way through a giant Darigold logo at Farmalicious in Enumclaw

Fall is synonymous with fun opportunities for some solid family time, and this weekend's offerings are no exception. Read more »


Tom Douglas to Open New Restaurant: The Grange Hall

Leslie Kelly
A completely unrelated, but historic, grange hall

He's growing... again!

Tom Douglasthe 2012 James Beard Foundation restaurateur of the year and one of Seattle Mag's most influential people of 2011is going to open The Grange Hall next spring, a 10,000-square foot space on the ground floor of the apartment building going up on Sixth and Lenora downtown. Read more »


The Ruby Room's Fashion Faux Pas to Fashion Fabulous

Glam.spoon Designer Tina Witherspoon used nine wallflower dresses to create this one-of-a-kind party dress

The Ruby Room is an excellent organization, run by West Seattleite Nyla Bitterman, that has been giving away free formal dresses to girls in need for 10 years, making prom a possibility for many of them. In 2012 the organization provided dresses to over 500 teens, and sponsored their first scholarship to a low-income fashion student at Seattle Central Community College. Read more »

Pilchuck on Display: See the Cutting Edge of Glass Art

Betcha didn't think glass art looked like that! "Chitamarra Giraffa" was created on Pilchuck's campus this summer by Davide Salvadore and Shelley Muzylowski Allen

This weekend brings us the 34th annual Pilchuck Auction, something of a "fashion week" for Seattle glass art collectors.

In addition to hosting a swank gala and tours of the school's Stanwood campus, Pilchuck organizes an enormous auction of glass art made by Pilchuck students, teachers and alumni. Proceeds benefit scholarship programs at the school, which is now recognized as the premier glassblowing program in the nation. Read more »


Apples, Pears, Figs Galore? How to Donate Your Tree Fruit

Apples and pears are at peek ripeness; don't let your backyard tree fruit go to waste.

Walking through my neighborhood, I can't help but covet the fig trees weighed down with green figs on the verge of full ripeness, the Asian pear tree in my neighbor's yard which holds, I'd guess, 40lbs of fruit right now. But in a few weeks, these and the myriad apples that are ripe right now in trees on nearly every Seattle street will perish, rot, or fall and turn to brown muck on the sidewalks if they're not picked and eaten. Read more »