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Ending a 20-Year Run, Scott Carsberg's Bisato to Shutter

Seattle chef Scott Carsberg

My first meal at Lampreia, Scott Carsberg's epic, nationally praised fine dining restaurant which lived in the space that Carsberg's Bisato now calls home, well, it must've been in 1999 or 2000.

Back then--as now, though perhaps less-so--Carsberg's reputation for perfectionism--along with a firey temper--preceded him. Read more »

Big Stores, Little Stores: Exploring Seattle's New Liquor Landscape

A.J. Rathbun
Inside Total Wine & More's Bellevue location

As you may know, Washington State liquor laws have changed dramatically this year. I talked about it here back in June, which doesn’t seem that long ago. But in the rapidly changing liquor landscape, that’s much longer than it seems. Since then, we've heard about spirit and booze sales plunging, people moon-shining bottles across the Oregon border, and everything was breaking like a dropped glass. Read more »


Shopping in Seattle: Five Must-Do Fashion Events

Tiffany & Co.'s yellow diamond, made famous by Audrey Hepburn

Last week marked the official 175th anniversary of Tiffany & Co., a landmark the iconic American company has marked by resetting the 128.54-carat, 135 year-old Tiffany yellow diamond in a platinum setting with 481 white diamonds totaling over 120 carats just a little bauble. Read more »


Geek Out on Design, Hear Opera in a Bar, Go Greek and Other Weekend Musts

Seattle Design Festival Read more »


LA Versus Seattle: A Serious Case of Pinot Envy

Leslie Kelly
A selection of the winning reds in our 2012 Best Washington Wine Awards. No Pinots here.

Just got back from a week in sizzling So Cal, visiting my sis, going to see The Book of Mormon (Yes, it lived up to the hilarious hype. Get your tickets for the Seattle dates!) and soaking up loads of local flavor. Had the BEST Mexican food ever – crispy duck skin tacos at a place called CaCao Mexicatessen, y’all! – and lapped up the most velvety rich organic butterscotch ice cream at an adorable place called Mother Moo in Sierra Madres. Read more »