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Kickstart Lu. Line No. 1

Nice and easy, that's my style

It’s always a thrill to stumble upon a new local designer who sets my Spidey sense off and Lu. by Jenny Fort has done it. Her Line No. 1 collection, currently looking for funding on Kickstarter is a two of my favorite things: chic and unique. Silhouettes are nontraditional, unless drop crotch MC Hammer pants are your standard, and will fit a range of personal styles and body shapes. Read more »

The Must List: Carrie in Musical Form and the Seattle Opera’s Daughter of the Regiment

A scene from Carrie: The Musical

Must Be Afraid
Get in the Spooky Spirit with Carrie: The Musical

(Through 10/26, times vary) — Check out the Broadway take on Stephen King’s unsettling tale, as interpreted by Seattle’s own Balagan Theatre. Prepare for pig’s blood on prom night! Read more »


4 Drinks to Have While Watching Monster Movies

A.J. Rathbun

It’s the spooktacular time of year, and the houses in my neighborhood are adorned with spider webs, tombstones, creepy crawlies and other items that go bump in the night. Not only is this chilling holiday nearly here, but it’s also the perfect time to watch monster movies). Of course, you should never watch a movie – any movie – without the perfect drink, so here are a couple creepy cocktails for your next fright fest. Read more »


On Capitol Hill, 19th is the New 12th

Tallulah's will have a similar feel to Oddfellows, pictured here

As the bridge-and-tunnelification of the Pike-Pine corridor steadily pushes residents of the Hill out of the area, especially on weekend nights, businesses are branching out into other corners of the hill. We watched the wave hit the crest of the hill three years ago, leaving the Melrose Market in its ebb. Then 12th was conquered (Ba Bar, Presse & Stumptown, Von Trapp's).

Now everyone's got 19th in their sights. In the next few months, two new restaurants will open, one will expand, and a grocery will move in. Read more »

A Carole McClellan Sample Sale

Just one of the many pieces (for men and women) on super duper sale at this weekend-long trunk show

Like Halley’s Comet, a sample sale from esteemed local designer (and an Editor's Choice from our September issue) Carole McClellan doesn’t come around very often, so when it does, you should know about it and attend it. Especially if you’re a fan of McClellan’s masterful use of vintage fur, repurposed leather and rock and roll vibe. Read more »