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Mixing It Up at Tales Of The Cocktail 2013

A mixologist shaking up and showing off their creations at the Diagio USS World Class Happy Hour event at Taste of the Cocktail

Where do the grandmasters of cocktail culture collide with the best and brightest in the spirits industry over phenomenal libations? Tales of the Cocktail, of course!

It is the highlight of the bartender circuit. Held annually in New Orleans, the week features seminars, parties and cocktailing galore in this boozy 24-hour playground. It can be a liver workout—trust me! Read more »


4 Quiet Restaurant Openings You Should Know About

Vif. Pretty, ain't she?

In this age, it's the rare restaurant that opens without months of pre-opening buzz, endless teasing out of who'll tend bar and what the tables and chairs will look like. Every picture posted on Facebook, every newsy bit is covered by the food media. Last week alone we here at Seattle magazine (along with, ahem, several other publications) heralded the opening of Rachel's Ginger Beer at Pike Place Market only to say, Wait! Whoops! I take it back. Not open quite yet! The food news in this town is near impossible to keep up with, even when it's your fulltime job. Read more »

Capitol Hill Block Party Was A Feast For All Senses

Leslie Kelly

Wow. Just WOW!

The Capitol Hill Block Party delivered the full-on sensory overload I was expecting--it was my first time, be gentle.

When I told friends I was going, they served up some stern warnings: Yeah, good luck with that massive clustercuss. Or, words to that effect. Read more »

Mossback Monday: McGinn Versus Whole Foods, Plus New Laws on Pot and Social Media Passwords

Knute Berger
Can the Whole Foods attack save Mike McGinn?


Kiehl's LifeRide for amFAR Kicks Off at U Village

Dreamboat John Corbett on last year's LifeRide

Kiehl’s fourth annual LifeRide for amFAR, a nine-day motorcycle race to raise funds for HIV/AIDS research, is kicking off this year at the University Village store on Wednesday, July 31. Read more »