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Hangover Helpers

A.J. Rathbun
Hungover? Try a Vitamin C-packed Bloody Mary

Since many of you probably lived it up over the holiday weekend with friends, family and new friends, it’s the ideal time to have a few protein-laden, vitamin C-filled day-after drinks ready in case you over indulged and need to take a little of the edge off. Not that I’m proposing you drink away a day, of course, just that the below are handy hangover remedies if you feel absolutely awful. Read more »


Mossback Monday: Can Our Waterfront Streetcars Make a Comeback?


Lessons Learned At Tom Douglas Culinary Camp

Leslie Kelly
Tom Douglas Seattle magazine
Miso tasting at Tom Douglas Culinary Camp

Yes, Tom Douglas Culinary Camp is a five-day marathon of eating and drinking and then eating some more. Day one’s lineup started with seared foie and caviar on buckwheat blini before a wow finish of wok-fried king crab and crispy chicken wings from TanakaSan. In between, there were bites and sips and more bites. Can you say stuffed?

But the real reason folks fork over $3,000 for this grownup camp is for the brain food, the lessons learned from pros, the tips and savvy suggestions soaked up during the terrific, non-stop cooking demos. Read more »


The Must List: Kayak Rentals, a Patriotic Burlesque Show and Brewery Night at the Ballpark

Must Paddle
Kayak Rentals at Golden Gardens
Read more »


Breaking News: Blackbird in Ballard Closing

Blackbird may be closing up shop, but you can still get your incense fix

To be honest, I’m kind of shocked by this news, because the store is so awesome and men’s wear is having a moment right now, but according to a message from Blackbird owner Nicole Miller on Facebook, she is closing her nine year-old brick and mortar store in Seattle on July 31 to focus on her successful wholesale line of incense, beard oil, soap and other products. Read more »