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From Uganda with Love: Sseko Sandals

Anything is possible with a pair of Sseko sandals

Sseko (say-ko) Designs is a Uganda-based, philanthropically motivated accessory company created by Portland's Liz Forkin Bohannon, whose chic leather sandals with interchangeable fabric straps are made by Ugandan woman, recent secondary school graduates, looking for ways to make money to go on to university. Read more »


Bottled Resolutions: Five Spirits and Liqueurs to Try in 2013

A.J. Rathbun
Borghetti Coffee Liqueur

When rolling out your New Year’s resolutions, get past the usual suspects. Sure, losing a few pounds or deciding to read more Dickens is an honorable idea. But a resolution you may actually keep is trying more intriguing spirits and liqueurs, especially if you begin with these five: Read more »


Shop the Asian Noodle Aisle, Tackle Ibsen and Other Weekend Musts

asian noodle recipes
We've got an easy, delicious recipe to go with each of these noodle varieties.

Easy Recipes from the Asian Noodle Aisle
Uwajimaya, Seattle’s ultimate Asian grocery store, has four (!) noodle aisles—which can be a little overwhelming if you’re just starting to experiment with cooking noodle dishes. Accordingly, we teamed up with the store’s experts to give home cooks the best bets for easy and delicious noodle dinners.

A Doll’s House Read more »


Icebreaker: Good For a Day Like Today

Meet Ramo, Icebreaker's mascot. He's cozy.

It's cold, gross and rainy and all you want to be is cozy. Good thing Icebreaker has come to town. Located in the old Betsey Johnson store on Fifth Avenue, Icebreaker is a New Zealand company that uses Merino wool to make a line of clothing that is perfect for Seattle. It's wool, so it's warm. It breathes, so it wicks away moisture from the body and helps regulate body temperature. It's soft, which is nice. Read more »


Boutique Sales of 2013

Sandylew's eponymous shop keeper is really excited for what fashion in 2013 has to offer

You were bombarded with big box store sales before Christmas, and now that it’s after New Year’s let’s gently lay out the small boutique sales. They’re so much more pleasant to shop:

Sandylew 40 percent off every little “thang.”

Charlie & May 40 to 50 percent off of most store inventory including gift and home décor items.

La Ree 30 to 60 percent off all the brands you love to covet, including Isabel Marant, Alexander Wang and APC. Read more »