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UPDATED: 10 Things to Know About Elysian Bar, Opening Downtown Monday

Julien Perry
Elysian Bar opening downtown
The new Elysian Bar is going to be fancy.

Elysian Brewing is getting ready to expand into downtown, opening Elysian Bar as early as Friday (in extreme practice mode). Yesterday, CEO Joe Bisacca and head brewer Dick Cantwell gave me spin around the place, which is quickly coming together near the corner of 1st and Pike, just down the hill from their original brewery on 13th and Pike. Read more »

Five Upcoming Portland Food Festivals

Food festivals in portland traveling to portland seattle magazine
The Oregon Brewers Festival is July 23-27 in Portland

As any food-obsessed traveler knows, there’s never enough time (or room in your stomach) to eat at every restaurant on your painstakingly researched list. But there’s hope--in the form of food festivals. When most of a city’s best chefs are gathered in one place, your odds of trying everything on your list go way up. If you’re heading to Portland this spring or summer, try timing your trip with one of these five upcoming fests that offer bites and sips from top restaurants, wineries, breweries and distillers. Read more »


Early Jamie Joseph Mother's Day Trunk Show at Essenza

Jamie Joseph Rings
A Jamie Joseph trunk show means a wealth of gorgeous ring options. Not a bad problem to have

Join the team at Essenza in Fremont for their annual Mother's Day Jamie Joseph extravaganza trunk show on Saturday, April 26 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

If you're a fan of Jamie Joseph's gorgeous hand-faceted and distinctive rings you really haven't lived until you've seen hundreds of them sparkling back at you from their trays. It's really something to behold and makes the already daunting task of picking your favorite even more challenging. Read more »

Mossback Monday: San Francisco's BART Trains Boast Seahawks Colors, Oso Lawsuits & More News

Knute Berger
mossback monday seattle magazine
San Francisco BART station

We Asked The Chefs: What's Your Favorite Warm-Weather Pleasure?

Julien Perry
Chefs favorite summer pleasures
Top row: Jason Wilson, Brendan McGill, Jason Stoneburner, Mark Klebeck. Bottom row: Mike Easton, Angie Roberts, Jack Timmons, Mutsuko Soma

Welcome to We Asked The Chefs, a recurring feature on Restaurant Insider that peers into the minds of some of Seattle's culinary rockstars. 

Question: What is your favorite warm-weather pleasure? Read more »