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Sugar Mt. Bake Shop Finds Temporary Home at Pasta & Co.

Julien Perry
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Lucy Damkoehler wants to feed you desserts at Pasta & Co.

Some sweet and sour news pertaining to desserts here in Seattle.

First the sour: Sugar Mt. Bake Shop is no longer in the plans to be part of Kurt Dammeier’s smoked meats emporium, Max’s, slated to open in South Lake Union early next year. Dammeier needs the space for extra seating, so the bakeshop will have to find another home (SLU is the goal!). Also, nobody wants cakes that taste like a bonfire, am I right? Read more »

Update: The Battle over Alaska’s Pebble Mine and why it Matters in Seattle

Pebble Mine bristol bay alaska sockeye salmon seattle magazine
A Bristol Bay commercial fisherman displays a sockeye salmon

In our January 2013 issue, contributing writer and professional forager Langdon Cook wrote an in-depth article on the development of North America’s largest open-pit mine, which is proposed for the headwaters of Alaska’s Bristol Bay watershed. Read more »


Beauty Emporium Bluemercury to Open at U Village

Honest, friendly and knowledgeable staff and a spa menu sets Bluemercury apart

Fast growing Washington, DC-based beauty emporium, Bluemercury, is expanding cross-country, to Seattle (the other Washington), with a new shop, their 49th, at U Village, set to open this month. Read more »


A 'Game of Thrones' Viewing Party, 'Tails of Wasps' Opens & More

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The Yonder Mountain String Band comes to Showbox at the Market

Must See
Seattle Playwright's New World-Premiere Mixes Sex and Politics

(4/3 to 4/27, times vary) — In her new, world-premiere play, Tails of Wasps, Stephanie Timm addresses the age-old story of a politician brought down by a sexual scandal. Directed by New Century Theatre Company’s (NCTC) Darragh Kennan, the play explores the human tendency to get stung. Read more »


5 Poems, 5 Drinks, 5 Bars (A Tipsy National Poetry Month Celebration)

A.J. Rathbun
best cocktails for national poetry month seattle magazine
Reading Ed Skoog at Belltown's Rob Roy

While I’m a big believer in being poetic and reading poems all year long (usually with a drink in one hand), April is National Poetry Month, so now more than ever you should be delving into poems. I know it’s hard for some people to get started--which poem should I choose today?--so I have a couple of suggestions. Also, since poems traditionally pair well with a good cocktail, and since reading poems in bars is one of my favorite things, I’m matching up my poem suggestions with specific bars and specific drinks in those bars. Read more »