4 Can’t-miss Fish & Chips Plates

As Indian summer lingers, fresh fish and chips take center stage in the Northwest.
Spud’s cod fish and chips: a Seattle classic

Pike Street Fish Fry

Alaskan ling cod and chips are served with your choice of six dipping sauces, including smoked chili mayo and curry ketchup. The flaky, paprika-spiced tempura-batter-dipped fillets are made even more perfect with a heaping side of French fries and a fried lemon.
Capitol Hill, 925 E Pike St.; 206.329.7453

The Walrus and the Carpenter

You won’t even miss the chips (believe it or not) when you bite into a dish of melt-in-your-mouth fried oysters. Sourced from Hood Canal and breaded with a cayenne cornmeal mixture for a light and flaky texture, these oysters are served with cilantro aioli for a fresh finish.
Ballard, 4743 Ballard Ave. NW; 206.395.9227

Emmett Watson’s Oyster Bar

Served in a small corner of the Market, the fried clam entrée is a quarter-pound of simply breaded seafood bliss. Although only mildly seasoned with a bay leaf and celery salt blend, these clams (and the side of hand-cut Washington-potato French fries) are packed with flavor.
Pike Place Market, 1916 Pike Place, Suite 16


Spud Fish and Chips

There’s nothing fancy about the good old-fashioned cod fish and chips at this long-time local institution, but the crisp treat gets the job done and then some: Alaskan cod is hand-cut and hand-dipped in the secret-recipe batter, then fried in 100 percent canola oil and served with freshly cut French fries and house-made tartar sauce.
West Seattle, 2666 Alki Ave. SW; 206.938.0606