Aragona to Flip Switch, Become Italian Restaurant Vespolina Sept. 8

By: Julien Perry | Posted August 22, 2014

The news came by way of press release late yesterday afternoon: Aragona, the Spanish restaurant Jason Stratton (Spinasse, Artusi) opened downtown last December, is coming to an end.

In an unexpected turn of events, it will close after dinner service September 6, morph into an Italian restaurant, and reopen as Vespolina on Monday, September 8.

It turns out the Spanish cuisine that charmed Seattle Magazine’s Allison Scheff back in May didn’t really take off, according to Stratton’s camp. But in a few short weeks, he’ll be able to give his customers what they’ve apparently been clamoring for since day one: more pasta, less rice.

I’ve had pretty impressive meals at Aragona the few times I’ve dined at the chef’s counter. It’s the best seat in the house, in my opinion, and will allow you to reach over and shake hands with Stratton and say, “Nice job,” because he’s put his heart and soul into this place. Sometimes, things just don't work out how you envision them.

Stratton has put together a 5-course menu composed of some of Aragona’s most popular dishes for $65. And all bottles of wine over $100 will be offered for 35% off. In other words, now would be a great time to visit Aragona.