The Au Naturel Accent Table Your Living Room Needs Now


Spruce up the living room with the sturdy Fuller tree stump table made of Douglas Fir ($925–$1,050) from Seattle furniture maker Meyer Wells. This reclaimed wonder sports a top that’s been scorched using the Japanese charring technique shou sugi ban, which creates a rot-resistant charcoal barrier and intensifies the grain details on the stump’s surface, combining rustic texture with simple and smooth bark-free sides. Part of the company’s Modern Roots collection, which includes solid wood dining tables, accessories, benches and beyond, each table is made to order. Meyer Wells only uses trees that have fallen due to natural causes, had to be cut down for construction or were sustainably grown and harvested; dimensions vary depending on the size of the log. It’s an accent table gone au naturel. Woodshop  in Sumner; showroom (by appointment only) in Interbay, 1600 W Armory Way; 206.282.0076;


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