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Best “Adult Contemporary” Restaurant
Anchovies & Olives
You would think that eatery number four from chef/restaurateur Ethan Stowell might seem a little tired, but at Anchovies & Olives, Stowell and chef de cuisine Charles
Walpole present a fully grown version of his streamlined Italian sensibility. The Capitol Hill boîte, with its sculptural woven plywood walls, is a place for seafood in all its
avatars, from refined to lusty and back again. The brisk crudi—made of just a handful of pristine ingredients—can stop you in your tracks, but so can cooked dishes: delicate fried clams, succulent cuttlefish bathing in a frothy Parmesan broth, or geoduck gnocchi laced with celery, all so devilishly eatable you’ll demand an order of seconds immediately after the first bite. Add a terrific list of offbeat Italian wines and jaunty bar service to the seafare and you’ve got a restaurant that has come into the world mature, but never stodgy.

Happiest Brunch
Tilikum Place Café
Putting the subject of food aside for a moment, Ba Culbert’s Belltown café is, particularly in the daytime, one of the airiest, cheeriest places to dine in Seattle. Long banquettes face a tall wall of windows, and the light streams in, coaxing the grouchy and the hungover into something resembling cheeriness. Of course, this is all abetted by good strong coffee, alert service and the entirely satisfying weekend brunch. There is the simple impact of a fine-crumbed olive oil cake, the extravagance of fat Dutch baby pancakes studded with apples or duck confit, and the most irresistible treat of all, the sweetmustardy glory of Tilikum’s baked beans, to be spread lavishly on toast and dipped, bite by bite, into the saffron yolk of a perfectly fried egg. Added weekday treat: Tilikum serves a selection of breakfast dishes every day but Tuesday, when it’s

Boldest newcomer
Spring Hill alum Alex Pitts leads a heavily inked crew of cavalier cooks in Wallingford that thinks nothing of tossing braised cockscombs (yes, that’s right, we’re talking about the floppy red fan-shaped bits that crown chi