Bri Seeley

We interviewed the fashion designer for our most fascinating singles story.
Posted November 01, 2012
First Date Idea: An evening of wine tasting and a friendly game of bocce at Novelty Hill in Woodinville.

Age: 29

Occupation: Fashion designer, Bri Seeley Designs

Destined for occupation since: My grandmother taught me how to sew when I was 6. 

Neighborhood: Olympia

Orientation: Straight

Pets: Two incredibly furry orange-and-white tabby cats

Grew up in: Northfield, Minnesota

Personal mission: Bring fashion back to the glamour and femininity seen in the 1950s

Best quality: It is also the quality that I would say is my worst quality—my honesty. I have definitely been known to fall into the “too honest” category.

People might be most surprised to learn: I have four tattoos.

Guilty pleasure: Shoes

Would spend a million dollars on: A trip to Bali, excessive amounts of fabric, a marketing and sales professional for my brand, and probably some new shoes.

Best place to eat a meal solo in Seattle: Wild Ginger. I like to sit in the bar and write while enjoying a glass of wine with some gluten-free appetizers.

Best way to spend a rainy day: There’s no sense in missing out on the city just to avoid the rain. I dress warm and brave the elements!

Favorite place for a first date: Any place that serves wine receives preference!

Go-to first-date strategy: Dress to impress and be my genuine, authentic self