Charming Holiday Frocks for Girls

Why we love this Beacon Hill designer’s new line of little girls' dresses.

If a party, high tea or afternoon at The Nutcracker is on your little girl’s dance card this year, consider these fashion-forward creations from Beacon Hill designer Ana Louie’s debut Holiday 2011 collection.

Inspired by Paris in the 1950s, this line started as sketches done by Ana Louie, founder Ann Marie Louie’s 8-year-old daughter.

Using silk, satin, faux fur and wool, along with ruffles, bows and details like asymmetrical collars and wide lace sashes, these dreamy, twirl-worthy frocks and tailored jackets—meant for girls ages 7 to 14 and priced between $67 and $177—are timeless enough (and taffeta-free enough) to pass on to lucky younger sisters for years to come.

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