Cravings: Nutella

Go nuts for this Italian chocolate and hazelnut spread all over town

Macrina Bakery
With its thick, rich ribbon of Nutella circling (and sweetening) an airy knot of pastry, the Nutella brioche began as a special, but became so popular, it’s now offered daily. $2.85. Multiple locations, including Belltown, 2408 First Ave. 206.448.4032

Tutta Bella
A caffé cioccolato demi, a 3-ounce hot espresso with steamed milk and Nutella, pairs beautifully with the velvety Nutella gelato here. The temperatures play with each other, and the sudden blast of fire and ice is nice. $2.50 each. Multiple locations, including, Columbia City, 4918 Rainier Ave. S 206.721.3501

611 Supreme

This decadent Nutella glacé crêpe has sweet, hot pillows of Nutella enclosed by a made-moments-ago sweet pancake on top of which vanilla ice cream and whipped cream melt seductively. $7. Capitol Hill, 611 E Pine St. 206.328.0292

The Crumpet Shop
Warm, buttered crumpets get happy with a thick coating of Nutella—a delightful afternoon pick-me-up for Pike Place Market shoppers and chocolate fans. $2.30. Pike Place Market, 1503 First Ave. 206.682.1598

Trophy Cupcake
Valrhona chocolate cake with thick Nutella buttercream frosting edged on top with a ring of crushed hazelnuts makes for a killer combo cupcake, offered only on Wednesdays and Saturdays. It’s so rich, you might have trouble finishing even one—but you’ll want to try. $3.50. Wallingford, 1815 N 45th St., Suite 209 206.643.7020