Grilled Fish Tacos at Flyin Fish Make the Perfect Summer Meal

Every year, like clockwork, the warm July weather awakens my south-of-the-border taste buds, and I don’t have a choice: I must have fish tacos. And, though I’ve strayed through the years, sneaking off to newer, younger restaurants to taste their seafood offerings, I keep returning to Christine Keff’s venerable Flying Fish for the simple pleasure of the grilled fish tacos ($13.95). Freshly pressed corn tortillas still warm from the griddle beg to be filled with the tender hunks of chile-rubbed mahi mahi and albacore (fish choices change depending on market availability). Dotted with the delicious homemade guacamole and smoky fire-roasted tomato salsa, they’re as good as fish tacos get this side of Baja.

Belltown, 2234 First Ave.; 206.728.8595;
Photo by Danielle Leavell