The Saint: Get A Taste Of Mexico At This Capitol Hill Bar

Drop anywhere from $5 to $125 on a glass of tequila here where tequila is king<br><a href=http://www

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A little Mexican oasis on Capitol Hill, 5-month-old The Saint (1416 E Olive Way; 206.323.9922) lines up mucho tequila, fresh salsas and a breezy atmosphere

TheVibe: Hipsters, dapper gay couples and career women frequent this jewelbox in the grit of Capitol Hill. Clean white walls and turquoise bluetrim, vintage pictures of famous matadors and a cow’s skull hangingover the bar offer an authentic feel. The bar’s six stools fill upfast, but even when sitting at one of the booths or tables, you’llstill feel a part of the scene.

The Drinks: Tequila is kinghere, with more than 80 to choose from ($5–$125 per glass), andthankfully, the menu explains the difference between plata, reposado,añejo and extra añejo. The fruity tequila-based cocktails—such as theSayulita ($10) or El Diablo ($10)—are perfectly matched to the spicyfood.

The Food: Authentic Mexican standards are made fresh(all food is half-price at happy hour, Mon.–Fri., 5–6 p.m.), includingthe guacamole with chips and salsa ($6.50) and more hearty options suchas the puerco pibil ($11), shredded and cooked tender inside a bananaleaf, and the 21-ingredient mole ($11).

The Bathroom: Pinkerthan a tourist’s belly after a day on the Baja beach, the ladies’ roomoffers a floor-to-ceiling mirror for admiring one’s ‘do and vasesstuffed with white paper roses, while the more spare men’s room isbright turquoise.

Photo by Jim Henkens