Fall Arts Preview 2013

All the fall arts must-sees and must-dos that are worth adding to your calendar
Brangien Davis  |   September 2013   |  FROM THE PRINT EDITION
Seattle magazine Fall arts preview
Ray Metzker at The Henry

The best part about art—be it a painting, dance, play, book, film or rock show—is that it has the power to change your perspective, maybe on something small, such as earthworm mating rituals, or maybe something conceptually huge, such as what sort of bodies make for excellent dancers. Free your mind and let the season’s wave of arts offerings wash over you. You may well end up with a whole new way of seeing things. Follow the links for detailed listings in each of the below categories:



Film Festivals


Visual Arts

Read about the winners of our 7th Annual Spotlight Awards:

Jerick Hoffer, performer
Klara Glosova, multimedia artist
Lacey Leavitt, filmmaker
Peter Mountford, novelist
Kate Wallich, choreographer