Find Archived Photos of Your Historic Home

Think of it as Google Street View, circa 1910

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Think of it as Google Street View, circa 1910--discover how to get photos of your pre-1930s Seattle house

Discover the biography of your very own home by obtaining an original photo of your pre-1930s roost. Puget Sound Regional Archives provides a free and user-friendly service to assist you with your research of any property built from 1937 to present day. Original records of the property – outlining details such as dimensions, materials, ownership and other relevant characteristics – can also be recovered. You can uncover images from your home's historic past in a few easy steps:

Information Needed to Get Started

  • Property address
  • Tax parcel number (if you don’t have this handy, they can help you find it) or a brief legal description (lot/block)
  • Your name and contact information

How to Submit a Request

With the previously gathered information, choose your method of contact.

  • Phone: 425.564.3940
  • Fax: 425.564.3945
  • E-mail:
  • Address: Puget Sound Regional Archives; 3000 Landerholm Circle SE MS-N100; Bellevue

An archivist will then pull your records and notify you what information is available for your property

Prices and Payment
Black and white photos can be ordered in a wide range of sizes: 5x7 for $17 to 16x20 for $55. Original Records can be purchased for 25 cents per page. Checks and credit cards accepted.