The Fish and Chips to Rival All Fish and Chips

Julien Perry  |   July 2014   |  FROM THE PRINT EDITION
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Fish and chips from Marination Ma Kai

Let’s all take a moment to revel in the fact that it’s fish and chips season—a dish that sends signals to both the brain and the taste buds that summer has arrived. And the fish and chips destination to rival all others is MARINATION MA KAI ON ALKI, and not just because of the breathtaking view of the city skyline. At this dockside culinary respite, Alaskan cod is dipped in beer batter and dredged in panko (Japanese-style breadcrumbs) to give more of a breaded consistency than batter. It’s a crucial element because, unlike that of many lesser fish and chips, the crusty exterior stays intact. Cod is a perfect (and popular) choice for this dish because it’s both flaky and oily, which equals a tender and moist fish. But the combination that really pushes the soft fish and the crunchy coating over the edge is the lemon (give it a squeeze) and the kicky kimchi tartar sauce that adds a spicy-sour splash. Together, they release an umami effect that will keep you craving this dish year-round. The only thing that can stand up to the pure satisfaction of this dietary splurge are the hand-cut and seasoned-to-perfection fries, which overdeliver on their second-billing reputation. Breakfast, lunch, dinner Tue.–Sun. West Seattle, 1660 Harbor Ave.; 206.328.8226;