Food We Love: Double Chocolate Figs at Fran's

Our latest chocolate obsession
The double chocolate figs at Fran's are sweet dreams


On a whim, I stopped into the Fran’s Chocolates Bellevue store (10036 Main St.; 425.453.1698;, figuring I’d treat myself to a truffle and be on with my day. But there under a glass dome—beside neat rows of the single-malt-whiskey dark chocolate truffles, the milk chocolate caramel truffles and President Obama’s beloved smoked salt caramels—were four lovely double chocolate figs ($4–$5 each, depending on size; $18.50/four-piece box), pretty as a still-life painting. Their tiny, twisting stems providing dainty handles, the Calimyrna figs had been dipped in deep, dark chocolate up to their shoulders. I took one home, cut a deep slice with a sharp knife and found its insides filled with smooth chocolate ganache. Stunning. Still, next time I’ll be better prepared: A sip of port would tip the scales all the way to heavenly.