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Dome Delight
Although bicycle helmets offer much-needed noggin protection, they don’t typically do much for your image. Not true anymore, thanks to Portland-based Nutcase Helmets’ line of fun, brightly colored headwear, including this black-and-white striped dome accented with orange Gerber daisies. The creations, by company founder and graphic designer Michael Morrow, look (dare we say it?) cool, and the bucket-shaped shell also offers more coverage than traditional styles.
$45 at 20/20 Cycle (Central District, 2020 E Union St.; 206.568.3090; or

The Bee’s Knees
Our industrious Pacific Northwest honeybees keep our flowers pollinated—and their pure, honey-scented beeswax is the sole ingredient in our new favorite candle from Seattle’s Big Dipper Wax Works. Paraffin-free and 100 percent natural, these 16-inch-tall, 1-inch-thick “Fat Boy” tapers are perfect for hard-to-fit large candlesticks.
$17 at Lucca (Ballard, 5332 Ballard Ave. NW; 206.782.7337; or