Greenwood/Phinney: Best Seattle Neighborhoods 2013

A perfect place to put down roots and grow.
Posted April 02, 2013
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Seattle’s only “space travel supply” store is in Greenwood

My husband and I were DINKs when we landed in Phinneywood. We collected gardening tips from neighbors and enjoyed the lively bar and restaurant scene. After we had kids, we discovered preschool co-ops, the old-school metal slides outside the Phinney Neighborhood Center and family-friendly coffee shops. I’ve transformed even further under the downward-dog tutelage of Yoga Momma Jennifer Keeler, who teaches at the Phinney Yoga House (

The ridgeline walk from Woodland Park to N 80th Street serves up views of the Cascade and Olympic mountains, Green Lake and Puget Sound. Meet needs and wants here, too, at Herkimer and Neptune coffeehouses; Mae’s and Pete’s Eggnest (206.784.5348) for cozy breakfasts; 74th Street Ale House; Santoro’s Books; Labels consignment store; and the quintessential neighborhood grocery store Ken’s Market.

Don’t miss: The chocolate peanut butter milkshake at Red Mill Burgers, Cornuto’s $5 wood-fired pizza happy hour—and waitress Erin’s charm, The Dray’s beer list, and the bourbon selection at Oliver’s Twist.

Go-to for out-of-town guests: The Woodland Park Zoo, especially the flamboyant peacock that wanders around, the penguins, the gorillas, and the brown bears and river otters in the Northern Trail exhibit.

Famous for: 826 Seattle, the happening writing and tutoring center headquartered in the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co., which nabbed a 2011 National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award.

Nancy Schatz Alton is a freelance writer and Phinney resident since 2000