KoalaKin Hands-free Nursing Pouch

A former Microsoft employee offers hands-free help to new moms.
Ali Brownrigg  |   November 2012   |  FROM THE PRINT EDITION

There are lots of options for moms who want to tote their tinies close to their bodies, but how many allow you to secretly nurse your baby, too? Kirkland mom and former Microsoftie Vivian Muehlen designed the KoalaKin hands-free nursing pouch after struggling with arm, neck and shoulder pain while nursing her two boys. The pouch allows perfect placement of the baby via three adjustable straps, and you can even switch sides without having to flip the pouch. It leaves mom’s hands free for other things, such as knitting, picking up Legos and having tea parties with older sibs.

In two sizes and two colors: black/tan or chocolate brown. $89.99; available at koalakin.com