The Best Local Fashion Bloggers

Snapping street style and talking eco-chic, our favorite local fashion bloggers are on the pulse of
Posted December 14, 2010

The Blog Roll

Needle + Thread
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Hosiery designer by day, North Seattleite Kam Martin stealthily peruses the markets and shopping districts for Seattleites with style, her expert eye trained for savvy Northwest bikers and fashion-forward hipsters, snapping quirky local trends like white-Keds-wearing dudes and the Buddy Holly-esque spectacle craze.

Le 21eme Arrondissement
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Le 21eme’s talented fashion photographer, Adam Sinding, scans the streets for oddities, pulling out fashion-forward trends from sophisticated Seattleites on the street who might, like us, be entangled in a love affair with scarves, leggings and ancient leather bags.

Seattle Boutique Blogspot
A rare gem that focuses on local, local, local, this site by obsessed blogger (and Zumiez menswear production manager by day) Sydney Chavez filters through Seattle boutiques from top to bottom in search of up-and-coming fashions while keeping loyal readers apprised of local fashion shows and exhibits.

Fashion Network Seattle
Interior designer Shalonne Foster is putting her expert design eye to stylish use at the city’s hottest runway shows, bringing fashion celebs close to the readers with in-depth interviews and elegant photography. 

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Bothell-based designer Tina Witherspoon spends her spare time monitoring the local eco-scene, presenting a fresh blog with flirty attitude intertwined with her green fashion expertise. (Her eco-chic Glamspoon frocks made from recycled vintage garments are sold at the Frock Shop on Phinney Ridge.)