Local Talent Competes on New Body Painting Reality Show on GSN

By: Ali Brownrigg | Posted August 06, 2014
Dutch Bihary
Mount Vernon body painter Dutch Bihary

Set your TiVos: body painting genius Dutch Bihary (straight outta Mount Vernon) is set to wow the world with his signature style and epic masterpieces using the naked body as his canvas on Skin Wars on GSN (formerly known as Game show Network) starting Wednesday, August 6. We know Bihary from the stellar work he did on our October 2013 Day of the Dead photo shoot (he painted an amazing skull on Jennifer Shea’s son Fleetwood) and conducted a short e-interview when we heard the news of his impending reality show stardom.

Seattle magazine: How long have you been body painting professionally?
Dutch Bihary: 3 years with my company Contours Face and Body Art.

SM: How do you describe your signature style?
DB: My signatures style I refer to as Blobology, coined by me: a combination of random color blocking and illustrative brushstrokes. I also am the only face and body painting instructor in our industry to implement a blocking and paint lifting method.

SM: Which do you prefer: freehand or airbrushing or a combo?
DB: I am better known for my sponge and brush, but I really love freehand airbrushing. So, in short I like to use a combo of the two.

Dutch Bihary

SM: What surprised you about being on the show?
DB: What took me most by surprise was how many personal sacrifices you have to make on a reality TV show. For example, NO TV, phones, or even music. That part was tough.

SM: What was the most challenging thing about being on the show?
DB: I was surprised mostly by how much attention was given to pure creativity or a lively story over quality and precision of the actual paint.

SM: What has been your favorite makeup you've done in your career?
DB: Though it is not my most artistic or intricate, I enjoy painting one of our Seattle Seahawk super-fan, the SeaHulk.

Tune in at 9 p.m. every Wednesday to see if Bihary paints his way to $100,000.