Love is in the Air

Since the passage of R-74, this Valentine's Day feels especially worth celebrating.
Lisa Wogan  |   February 2013   |  FROM THE PRINT EDITION
gay marriage legal in washington state
Newlyweds Robin (left) and Danielle Wyss at Seattle City Hall, photographed on December 9, 2012

With the historic passage of Referendum 74 in November and the flurry of same-sex weddings starting at midnight on December 9, we’ve been reveling in giddy expressions of marital joy nearly every day. From the steps of City Hall (where strangers turned out to shower newlyweds with rose petals, rice and warm wishes) to private ceremonies all around town, couples have been pledging love and fidelity, sometimes capping decades of unlicensed bliss. There’s so much surplus love sloshing around the city these days even the most virulent anti–Valentine’s Day grumps are feeling the tug to do something special for someone they hold dear. We say: Go ahead; give in.