For the Love of Old Cameras

At Rare Medium, nostalgic photographers find a shop and gallery space just for them.

Vintage-camera aficionados and Instagram-loving cell-phone photographers are saying cheese in response to Rare Medium, the instant-camera shop/gallery/workspace that opened last month on Capitol Hill.

While renting art studios in the 619 Western Building, former Microsoft engineer Cory Verellen, his astrologer wife, Tali Edut, and Seattle visual artist Justin Mata had a vision of an artistic space that reflects a love affair with old cameras.

Focusing on vintage Polaroid cameras—which Verellen refurbishes for—the shop sells old-school accordion models ($75–$400), as well as low-end plastic versions (about $30).

Thanks to movable walls, the gallery space is flexible and can be expanded to showcase work by local photographers (the plan is to feature photographs from the cameras alongside the cameras themselves). The shop will also host classes on how to operate your Polaroid camera to best effect and—for those who were raised on digital—how to work with ye olde film.

1321 E Pine;