Meet the designers: Round 1 of the 2011 Seamless in Seattle competition

Twenty-eight emerging local designers kick off the first round our annual fashion design competition
By: | Posted April 21, 2011
Design by 2010 Seamless in Seattle winner Heilyke; who will end up on top in 2011?

If you’re a Project Runway fan, you’ll love Seamless in Seattle. We’re combing the city for the best up-and-coming fashion designers hungry to change the face of local fashion. This year, we’re offering the winners big prizes like a feature in the September 2011 Seattle magazine.

It's time for round two of the 2011 Seamless in Seattle contest!

UPDATE: The judges have narrowed it down to the top 12 finalists!

Be sure to vote for your favorite designer; the designer with the most votes will win the Reader's Choice Award, which will be revealed live at the runway show.



1. Kate Burt{Finalist!}

Designer 1: Kate Burt

Line: Operation + Stitch

{Finalist!}2. Banchong Douangphrachanh

Designer 2: Banchong Douangphrachanh

Line: Banchong Douangphrachanh


3. Rita Gruzman{Emerging}

Designer 3: Rita Gruzman

Line: Marge Design


4. Kristine Hawthorne{Finalist!}

Designer 4: Kristine Hawthorne

Line: Helene Hawthorne Fashions


5. Sally Kathren


Designer 5: Sally Kathren

Line: Suite No. 237


6. Theresa Olson{Emerging}

Designer 6: Theresa Olson

Line: bigringsmallcog

7. Malia Peoples{Finalist!}

Designer 7: Malia Peoples

Line: Lady Konnyaku Clothing

8. Corina Peters


Designer 8: Corina Peters

Line: Twiggypop Ranch


9. Emily Riordan-Roache{Finalist!}

Designer 9: Emily Riordan-Roache

Line: Riordan Roache


10. Nadezhda Rybalchenko{Emerging}

Designer 10: Nadezhda Rybalchenko

Line: Nalur Creations


11. Bri Seeley


Designer 11: Bri Seeley

Line: Bri Seeley Designs


12. Jennifer Wiglesworth{Emerging}

Designer 12: Jennifer Wiglesworth

Line: BellaDonna Marie




13. Angela Allen{Finalist!}

Designer 13: Angela Allen

Line: Angela Allen Design. Fall 2011 Collection


14. Justin Bartle{Student}

Designer 14: Justin Bartle

Line: JZB designs for the FASHION FORWARD MAN


15. Timothy Campbell{Finalist!}

Designer 15: Timothy Campbell

Line: Indismith Clothing Co.


16. Megan Cherewatenko{Student}

Designer 16: Megan Cherewatenko

Line: Megan Cherewatenko Designs


17. Marlena Dougherty{Student}

Designer 17: Marlena Dougherty

Line: mough, Spring 2012


18. Katy Flynn{Student}

Designer 18: Katy Flynn

Line: Swift Seas


19. Darcie Gray{Student}

Designer 19: Darcie Gray

Line: Darcie Gray, “In the City” collection


20. Sharon Kaye Johnson


Designer 20: Sharon Kaye Johnson

Line: Sharon Kaye Johnson Designs


21. Gina Moorhead{Finalist!}

Designer 21: Gina Moorhead

Line: Gina Marie


22. Caitlyn Petitclerc


Designer 22: Caitlyn Petitclerc

Line: Fancyhawk Lingerie

23. Kathy Sabin-Mensah{Finalist!}

Designer 23: Kathy Sabin-Mensah

Line: Kreati Ka


24. Casey Sagisi{Student}

Designer 24: Casey Sagisi

Line: C. Vincent Stitch


25. Heather Sanders


Designer 25: Heather Sanders

Line: tUTU + bETZ


26. Jenny Sims{Student}

Designer 26: Jenny Sims

Line: ingredients




27. Angelica Buri


Designer 27: Angelica Buri

Line: Angelica Buri Designs

28. Kim McCormick{Finalist!}

Designer 28: Kim McCormick

Line: Kimmi Designs



*Please note: Entries have been posted as they were received, which includes typos, spelling mistakes and the like. The written submission portion is an opportunity for the designers to speak to present their line in their own words, so we have left all mistakes unedited.