Oregon Truffle Festival

Dig up your own truffles and train your dog to help!
Train your dog to dig for truffles at the Oregon Truffle Festival

WHERE: Eugene, Oregon, for the seventh annual Oregon Truffle Festival

WHY: The fancy fungus festivities include a truffle recipe contest, cooking classes, a grand truffle dinner and a BYOD (bring your own dog) truffle-hound training seminar (limited to 18 well-behaved dogs; if you leave your pooch at home, you can sign up to “audit”).

QUICK HIT: If a full weekend of swooning over ’shrooms is too much, limit your visit to the “truffle marketplace,” where Oregon growers show off the boom in local bounty (hello, free samples!).

GETTING THERE: Take I-5 south to I-105 west toward Eugene. Take exit 2 and follow signs for University of Oregon. Jump onto Highway 99 and merge onto Sixth Avenue.

1/27–1/29; $15–$20 for marketplace tickets, $525–$1,075 for weekend passes; Hilton Eugene, 66 E Sixth Ave.; 503.296.5929; oregontrufflefestival.com.