The Perfect Spring Outfit Accessory: Lightweight, Hand-Painted Wool Scarves

Ali Brownrigg  |   March 2014   |  FROM THE PRINT EDITION
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Scarf by Coulee, color courtesy of nature

Textile designer Lindsey Bender uses a world of natural dyes when hand-painting the whisper-soft, light wool scarves for her line, Coulee. Onion skin imparts a yellow hue; cochineal—an insect that feeds on nopal cactus in Mexico and other arid climates—gives the fabric a fuchsia tone, much like the color of the fruit of that plant; madder root, an ancient dye found in archaeological sites dating back to the Egyptians, adds a gentle orange; and logwood, a serene gray or purple. The Wedgwood-based Bender experiments with patterns, keeping the designs and colors subtle—and light as a spring breeze. $135, available at Juniper (Madrona, 3314 E Spring St.; 206.838.7496;