Q&A with John Osebold from Sketch Comedy Group The Habit

Chatting with the oh so hilarious John Osebold
Brangien Davis  |   November 2013   |  FROM THE PRINT EDITION

Seattle sketch comedy group The Habit is back with a new live show (11/15–12/1. 8 p.m. $19. The Bathhouse Theater at Green Lake, 7312 West Greenlake Drive N; thehabitcomedy.com). We asked Habit cast member John Osebold (second from right) for a few tips on upping our own comedic ante this season.

Q: What are comedy’s “10 Essentials”?
A:  1.) Pants
2.) Something on which to record great ideas that will later turn out to be mediocre
3.) Coke Zero
4.) Pants, please, sir
5.) Doctor smocks for the inevitable doctor sketch
6.) Viral video of cat promoting the show
7.) Pants, insisted firmly by restaurant manager
8.) Surgery to remove ego and shame
9.) Time machine to tell past self not to do comedy
10.) Please leave the restaurant, sir

Q: Say you tell a joke and nobody laughs, even after you say, “Get it?” What is the best recovery strategy?
A: Turn into an explosion of fire and money.

Q: If you don’t have embarrassing family members, pets or a past obsession with/ addiction to something, what are other topics to mine for comedy gold?
A:  – Airplane food
– Airplane turbulence
– Airplane maintenance
– Airplane, snakes on an
– Airplane, proper way to cook an
– Airplane, Jefferson
– Airplanes
Q: The holiday season is fast approaching. How can one ensure that one is the funniest person at festive gatherings?
A: Show up as Drunk Santa at Thanksgiving.

Q: What advice do you have for the humorless?
A: Practice telling a joke every day. Save your A-list material and start with a few minor puns. But if the prison guard tells you to keep it down, trust me, keep it down.