Seattle Magazine's Top Doctors 2015

The 459 best physicians in the Puget Sound region as chosen by their peers

Stories by Sally James, Amelia Apfel, Sheila Cain, Elsy Pawelak Niki Stojnic
For 15 years, we have asked Seattle-area doctors this question: To whom would you send a loved one for medical care?

And every year, more than 1,000 doctors have taken time out of their busy schedules to nominate the peers they trust and admire—initially using paper ballots sent through the mail, and today, via an online survey. While the methods of casting and collecting nominations have changed over time, our controlled, peer-to-peer approach has remained consistent, as has the feedback from our readers that this is the issue they turn to when it is time to make the all-important health care decision of finding a new doctor or seeking a second opinion.

Another constant through the years: one surgeon, who has been voted in the top of his category without fail every year. Learn a little more about what makes him tick, and get a closer look at a few of Seattle’s other outstanding practitioners, including Dr. Michael Corsilles, Dr. Kristine Rinn, Dr. Emily Bradley, Dr. Peter Neligan, Dr. Edward Earl Leonard II, Dr. Hope Wechkin and Dr. Joseph Gruss

As part of our Top Doctors coverage this year, we also decided to celebrate the thriving research community that plays such an important role in the delivery of high-quality health care in this region. So, during the survey, we asked doctors to tell us about local researchers or research projects that promise to have a significant impact on the work they do. We spotlight a few of these exciting developments in this year’s Top Doctors feature. Plus, we meet a science-loving citizen who is part of a growing community of people who aren’t doctors but who are interested in making a very personal contribution to health science.

Also read about how social media affects teens' health, and how stem cell innovations could help the heart heal itself. Find out more on the 100K Wellness Project here.

You may also want to check out this article: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center turns 40.

Find out how we conducted our 2015 Top Doctors Survey.

The List:

Addiction medicine   
Adolescent medicine  
Allergy and immunology  
Bariatric medicine and surgery   
Colon and rectal surgery   
Craniofacial medicine   
Critical care medicine   
Developmental pediatrics   
Emergency medicine   
Family medicine   
Hand surgery   
Hospital medicine  
Infectious disease/travel medicine   
Integrative medicine   
Internal medicine   
Maternal and fetal medicine   
Neonatal-perinatal medicine   
Occupational medicine   
Pain medicine   
Palliative care   
Pediatric medicine   
(Pediatric specialists listed by specialty)
Physical medicine and rehabilitation   
Plastic/cosmetic surgery   
Plastic/reconstructive surgery   
Pulmonary medicine   
Sleep medicine   
Sports medicine   
Thoracic surgery 
Urology and urologic surgery   
Vascular surgery 

Oncology, general   
Breast cancer (surgical)
Breast cancer (medical) 
Colorectal cancer
Colorectal cancer (medical)   
Radiation oncology   

Chiropractic medicine   



GoCstudio’s Floating Sauna Sends Winter Blues Adrift

GoCstudio’s Floating Sauna Sends Winter Blues Adrift

GoCstudio’s floating sauna is a one-of-a-kind space for blowing off steam
Architect Jon Gentry climbs the custom aluminum ladder of the ‘wa_sauna’, goCstudio’s outdoor floating sauna, as Tony Kim back flips off the upper diving deck. Inside, Lydia Ramsey enjoys the heat of the sauna which makes that icy water feel sensational

Restrictions imposed by permits, budgets and difficult building sites can make it tough for designers to create something truly innovative, but Seattle-based architecture firm GoCstudio ( doesn’t shy away from a challenge. That’s what prompted founders Jon Gentry and Aimée O’Carroll to try their hand at building Wa_sauna: a floating sauna currently docked on Lake Union just below the University Bridge.

Clad with spruce wood planks, the interior of the ‘wa_sauna’ features an upper and lower bench for reclining and a wood stove


The project—built with crowdfunding from more than 500 donations and in partnership with design/build students in the University of Washington’s Master of Architecture program—is a 12-foot-tall, 4,500-pound shed with an interior wood-burning stove, spruce-finished interior, an electric trolling motor and ebony-stained wooden exterior. The team was challenged to balance aesthetics with the utilitarian requirements of boatbuilding. “We quickly discovered that our initial concept—having the sauna anchored in the middle of the lake—wasn’t possible because of permitting,” explains Gentry. Instead, he and O’Carroll shifted their focus toward building a barge-type boat powered by an electric motor. “This allowed us so much flexibility in terms of location, use and interaction with other boats and kayaks on the water,” Gentry says. 

The ebony-stained plywood exteriors frame slot windows, so users enjoy outdoor views while sweating their blues away inside the sauna

Completed in 2015, Wa_sauna spent the summer of 2016 cruising between Portage Bay and Union Bay, and hosting events at Westward restaurant on the north side of Lake Union. GoCstudio will offer more public events this year to give more people the chance to experience the sauna. And while it’s not for sale, Gentry says you could certainly commission one as the experience of using the sauna is unlike any other. “The best part is being out on the water,” Gentry says. “It’s a very active experience; climb up to the roof deck, cold plunge into the lake and have a swim. Then climb back inside to warm up.” And how does it fare in one of Seattle’s storms? “We tie Wa_sauna up to the dock if it’s really stormy. It’s meant for calm, slow outings, not really for fighting the wind and wake from a big storm. Rain isn’t a problem, though.” Rain or shine, he says, “It’s quite nice.” 

A marine-grade plywood deck surrounds the sauna box, propelled by an electric trolling motor on the bow

See where the Wa_sauna’s next port will be at