Summer Guide 2010: Summer Mixtape

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Giving our summer guide an audio component—a summer soundtrack of sorts—has become an annual tradition. This year we’re showcasing an array of local bands in the form of a mixtape (well, a virtual mixtape, since cassettes have gone the way of the Betamax). Thanks to Seattle’s bevy of bands, making a mixtape of local music is easy—the hard part is narrowing down the list. In an attempt do so, I limited myself to recent songs (released in the last year-ish) that seem to scream summer—from the post-punk of Visqueen to the irresistible pop of The Lonely Forest to the happy handclaps of Hey Marseilles (whose new album comes out this month!). Happy listening! – Brangien Davis

Hey Marseilles
To Travels and Trunks
(June 2010)
Hey Marseilles – Rio

Duchess and the Duke
“Let It Die”
DOWNLOAD: Dutchess and the Duke _ Let It Die

Message to Garcia
(Sept 2009)
“Hand Me Down”
DOWNLOAD: Visqueen-Hand+Me+Down

The Maldives
Listen to the Thunder
(Sept 2009)
“The New One”

Tea Cozies
Hot Probs
(Sept 2009)
“Like Luca Brasi”
DOWNLOAD: Tea Cozies – Like Luca Brasi

Grand Hallway
(June 2009)
“Blessed Be, HoneyBee”
DOWNLOAD: Grand Hallway Blessed Be, Honey Bee

Throw Me the Statue
(August 2009)
DOWNLOAD: Throw Me the Statue – Ancestors

Ivan and Alyosha (Tim Wilson and Ryan Carbary)
The Verse, The Chorus
(October 2009)
“Beautiful Lie”
DOWNLOAD: Head Like a Kite – We’re Always on the Wrong Side of Sunrise

Head Like a Kite
Dreams Suspend Night
(May 2010)
“We’re Always on the Wrong Side of Sunrise”
DOWNLOAD: Head Like a Kite – We’re Always on the Wrong Side of Sunrise

The Head and the Heart
Song: Lost in My Mind
DOWNLOAD: The Head and the Heart – Lost In My Mind