Top Stories from the Week

If you missed one of our best articles from this fourth week in July, we've got you covered
By: Lauren Mang | Posted July 25, 2014

Three cheers for Friday, eh? It's going to be a stellar weekend both weather-wise and event-wise. (For a curated list of things to do, read our Must List.)

Needless to say, it was a busy week here at, as our loyal readers pored over a multitude of great stories, everything from pieces on food and wine to articles that uncovered a slew of hidden gems in Seattle and photos of homes with ridiculously enviable views of Lake Washington.

Did you miss one of our top stories from the week? Read on.

1. 43 Places Around Seattle We Bet You Didn't Know About
We editors worked tirelessly on this feature, which appeared in our June 2014 issue. As our editorial director Rachel Hart mentioned in her editor's letter, "our mission--guided by a rule that all subjects had to be unknown to at least three of our editors--was to dig deeper and reveal some of our best-kept secrets and to share recent discoveries." See what you think of our selections.

2. The Best Food Trucks in Seattle
When I get word that the Marination Ma Kai truck is parked over on Second Avenue and Pike Street, I change my lunch plans immediately. In this roundup of the best of the best in mobile food service--divided up into New and Newish and Old Guard--we're hoping you'll find something to suit your fancy. (Marination is of course present.)

3. The 2014 Washington Wine-Buying List
Bookmark it, download it, reference it at the grocery store: This is your definitive list of award-winning wines (from our 9th Annual Washington Wine Awards) made right here in the great state of Washington.

4. The Best Patio Dining in Seattle
In July, we updated this list to be even more comprehensive than before, adding more than 20 additional al fresco spots on the Eastside and in Seattle.

5. How Our 107-Year-Old Pike Place Market Survived
Our editor-at-large Knute Berger visits Pike Place Market 50 years after its reputed demise.

6. Nue to Bring International Street Food Cuisine to Captiol Hill this Fall
Yet another restaurant is opening in Capitol Hill and our food editor Julien Perry has all the deets.

7. Nine Homes with Views You Wish You Had During Seafair Weekend
Seafair weekend is nigh, so it's time to ogle a few houses that will have the best seat in