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New Phinney Ridge salon Hazel embraces the organic movement--and a way to recycle hair

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Beauty is the latest industry to jump on the green bandwagon in Seattle as more organic salons pop up on the scene. The newest contender: Tara Berg’s cozy Phinney Ridge salon, Hazel (5817 Phinney Ave. N; 206.453.3515). 

Berg, 33, revamped a formerly bare space near the zoo to create the inviting, client-friendly three-chair salon she opened in June, with a wall of organic products paired with oversized chocolate brown styling chairs, plush area rugs and a friendly rescue dog named Sid who greets clients at the door. The style veteran uses organic hair products and all-natural skin care treatments (John Masters Organics, Organic Apoteke and Loma are on the menu) and an environmentally friendly sugaring hair removal technique (it’s water soluble!).

But our favorite stand-out planet-saving move? Hazel donates excess hair clippings to a San Francisco–based organization that uses hair to create absorbent mats to clean up oil spills. Cuts range from an affordable $35 to $55; color, $60 to $110; facials, $40 to $80.