We’re On a Boat! Listening to Music! On Lake Union!

So… it’s a concert? On a boat… with its own beach? Yes to all.
Posted August 11, 2014

Local music purveyor Seattle Living Room Shows has teamed up with Lake Union Charters & Adventures to put on an evening outdoor concert on a boat with a deck transformed into a sandy beach.

On August 26 at 6:45 p.m. sharp, the intrepid Trek (a car-and-passenger ferry turned leisure zone) shoves off into the evening sun for a three-hour tour of Lake Union made pret-ty fantastic by live music and the fact that you’ll either be dancing or lounging in a beach chair (bring your own!), toes and boozy drink nestled comfortably in the sand.

Seattle's alt-country darlings The Maldives will play following Aubrey Zoli and Matt Hart of The Local Strangers. The tunes will be accompanied by 360-degree views of Gasworks Park, the University Bridge and the sun setting over the Seattle skyline. Assorted beer and wine is included in the $60 ticket price, as well as snacky foods (cheese platters, chips, veggies and dip, prosciutto and the like), but you’re free to bring along your own food and drinks as well. VIP tickets grant you access to a second-story lounge and two balconies with more wine, food and even bit of privacy.

As for the vibe, it’s decidedly laid-back (hey, it’s a retired ferry we’re talking about, not a party yacht). Picture a mixed crowd between ages 25 and 55 chatting and enjoying the combination of scenery and music. During intermission and after the show, the musicians hang around to chat (and drink) with the guests.

All of this charm comes from the atmosphere surrounding Seattle Living Room Shows. Founded six years ago by sisters Carrie and Kristen Watt, these shows have grown from quite literally rocking Seattle’s living rooms to hosting shows in downtown art galleries, loft spaces and community centers. If you’re interested in talented up-and-coming artists, their oft-announced shows have you covered.

So, when looking for a singularly summery activity, we suggest hopping on board the Trek for the unusual combo of boating, beach lounging and outdoor music. Tickets available here.

Photo Credit: George Bentley

But wait, there’s more: Should this nautical concert awaken the sea-dog within you, Lake Union Charters & Adventures has tons of sailboats for hire (or captain-piloted cruise) and big plans for the Trek, including a mobile kayak launch, date night cruises and onboard camping to name a few. We’ll keep you updated. 

Event Details: August 26; Tickets $60; boat loads at 6:00p.m. from Lake Union Park behind MOHAI, sails at 6:45