Portland Dance Company "Teeth" Wins the A.W.A.R.D. Show on On the Boards!

The avant garde dance theater company from Rose City won the hearts and minds of the judges and the
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The competition was fierce last night at the finale of On the Boards' AWARD show. (Read more about the dance competition here.) The three finalists—from Seattle, Zoe | Juniper and The Offshore Project; from Portland, Teeth—are all awesome choreographers and performers, and all put up quite a fight. Interestingly, all three pieces involved a lot of literally in-your-face movement... performers were all up in each other's grills, whether barking, smiling wildly, or well, sort of eating each other's chins. But in the end it was Teeth that earned the most votes—and in my opinion, justly so. Teeth has been weirding me out for a few years now—you can always count on the company to bring something completely original and freaky to the stage—but this time they really moved me. The piece, "Home Made," featured a woman and a man savoring and struggling and steamrolling through a relationship in a very palpable way. Meanwhile two singers stood by onstage and sang mournful songs. It sounds kinda boring when you lay it out like that, but onstage it was anything but. I wasn't the only one moved, apparently, since after the audience and judges voted, Teeth ended up taking home the tidy $10,000 prize. Congrats to Teeth, and to all the other performers who worked so hard to put on such an amazing AWARD show!