Bag Crush: Thread and Loom

The Beaded City Tote, $108

I don’t know about you, but I love bags. My mom just commented the other day on how many purses, handbags and totes I have—and this is coming from the queen clotheshorse of all time. Nonetheless, it’s true, I have a ton of them, and while they’re not expensive or designer, they’re all distinctive in some way, which is what I look for specifically in my accessories, from bags to jewelry.

My new crush is on the totes and purses from Seattle’s Gargi Agrawal's Thread and Loom line. Not only are they amazingly cool, they’re hand made in India by artisans and all the profits go towards Kranti, an organization that rescues and educates girls from the red light districts of Mumbai.


I think you just found your new summer tote. I know I did. Snap one up at Drifting Arrows immediately.