Beauty Break: Jenu

Magic wand?

The problem with most age-defying lotions, creams and serums is that the molecules in most cosmoceuticals, like hyaluronic acid (a naturally occurring material in our bodies) are too large to be absorbed into the skin, which means that we're not really getting the biggest bang for our skincare bucks. In response to this pickle, a group of local bioscientists have devoloped the Jenu system ($249), which utilizes ultrasound technology to create a pathway through the stratum corneum (or the outer layer of the epidermis) for these molecules to penetrate the skin in order to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Apparently, the results from this small, handheld device (and their signature eye cream and lip serum) are quite spectacular, according to their research, which is bolstered by the testimony of Calidora owner (and Jenu proponent) Colette Courtion, who sings its praises as a skincare device that "actually delivers." After 28 days of daily use women noticed a 45 percent reduction in wrinkles and a whopping 92 percent increase in hydration.

The Jenu is actually quite lovely to use. It quietly oscillates and emits a gentle heat while forcing you to take two minutes out of your life to care for your skin.

Purchase one for yourself online or at a Calidora spa.